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Finance Options 

In addition to traditional debt solving options we can also look at the following in addition to or instead of those options. Remember if one option is not suitable then we can look at others. 
If your first choice is to consolidate all your credit cards, loans and unsecured lending into one easily to afford payment. Then we can help. 
In partnership with a specialist finance company we can arrange finance for customers with mortgage arrears, other defaults, CCJs, Bankruptcies or IVAs. All applications are reviewed by a panel of lenders. Again a personal service means we will keep you informed of progress and update you on a regular basis. 
Also if you’ve been struggling with Bank charges then we can assist in setting up a new account which will give you back control of your monies and ensure your consolidation loan does not disappear in the overdraft on your current account unless this is what it was intended for. 
We can therefore offer a range of loans such as Secured (against property or assets), Unsecured loans for consolidation, home improvements, car, wedding or holiday. bridging finance, or even a Payday loan. 
An unsecured loan which fills the gap between secured loans and mortgages and a payday loan. You can apply for amounts between £1,000 and £15,000 with a variable term, sometimes available up to 7 years. 
Unsecured loans are designed for any legal purpose, but the most common applications are for debt consolidation, home improvements, car, wedding and holidays. 
However generally lenders will not consider an application for business purposes due to the risk involved. 
We would be happy to look at the amount you require and based on your income and amount required check if this can be arranged for you. 
Payments can be made within a few days and your creditors can then be paid accordingly. If you would like our help we may be able to negotiate on your debts to reduce the amount to be paid back. 
It has traditionally been possible to re-mortgage every few years to ensure you get a good interest rate. 
In recent years this has been more difficult, however we will do our best to assist with your re-mortgage with the view that this may allow you to increase your lending to possibly clear your debts. 
If you don’t have any debts our associate partner would also be happy to look at your mortgage arrangements. 
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