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Here are a few of our recent clients testimonials: 
"I lost my job recently; the company I worked for just didn’t have enough work. I was reduced to living on payday loans but then found I couldn’t pay them back due to the amount of interest on them. Blue Horizons Group negotiated on my behalf to reduce the amount I owe and I will be debt free in just 14 months." 
Martin (Milton Keynes) 
"After a difficult divorce I owed £110,000. I had to arrange a debt management plan with another company but due to the amount found it would take 19 years to pay it off so I contacted Blue Horizons for a free no obligation financial consultation. We met in my home and they looked at my financial situation. One of their specialist options has reduced the amount I owe to just £62,500 and this will be paid off in just 8 years! I have two young children and really wish I had spoken to them sooner." 
Ravi (Slough) 
“I am currently studying to be a designer, and currently looking after my three children. I have a low income from some part-time work and my benefit payments. My debts were getting on top of me. I finally decided it was time to do something to stop the harassment from my creditors and contacted Blue Horizons. Because of my situation they found the best option would be something called a Debt Relief Order and the debts have been written off. I’m just so relieved it been sorted.” 
Krissie (London) 
“We had incurred several costs whilst setting up our own business. These costs and loans had not changed much since setting up and with the continual high cost of energy and petrol each month, we were struggling to pay them off. We spoke to BHG who came to see us at our home and they gave us several options we hadn’t even considered! Now we will not only pay off our business loans but we’ll have some extra money to pay for a holiday this year." 
James and Heather (Bedford) 
"I’ve been very pleased with the service from BHG (Blue Horizons), they really know what they are doing. One of my debts has been ‘written off’ and the other one will be clear in just 24 months. Fantastic." 
Philip (Milton Keynes) 
"With Blue Horizons Groups help I’ve been able to reduce my monthly credit payments from £420 to just £175. This saving alone has made our family life that much easier as we were struggling with our normal household bills." 
Tanya (Stevenage) 
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